Education Committee

Operating Guidelines

  • Committee membership is made up of individuals who are members of AAAP and interested in actively serving on the Education Committee.
  • An individual appointed by the President of the AAAP chairs the committee.
  • The committee meets once every year in conjunction with the AAAP annual meeting. Communication on education issues at other times of the year may be done via teleconferencing, electronic mail, or U.S. mail.
  • Within the committee one member will be responsible for managing review of AAAP slide sets and another member will be responsible for the AAAP booth. The AAAP office will be the contact point and responsible for making a reservation to display the AAAP booth at each AVMA meeting. In addition, the AAAP will be responsible for shipping the booth to the meeting.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Education Committee is to develop, evaluate and provide educational materials for people preparing for careers in poultry health, their instructors, and for the continuing education of AAAP members.


Education Committee Members Page
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