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Western Association of Poultry Veterinarians Second Annual Scientific Seminar
Registration and Call for Papers

New with the March 2014 issue of Avian Diseases: You can read your issue of Avian Diseases on your favorite Reader (iPad, Kindle and more). Look online for ePub or Mobi files under "Supplemental Material" to download onto your device. Available for AAAP Members and Avian Diseases subscribers.

New and available now
The American Association of Avian Pathologists announces a new Mobile-friendly website for Avian Diseases. Just enter on your mobile device. For more info visit:

USDA ARS Postdoctoral Program

Gift A Chicken Project, coordinated by Arizona State University, provides rural Ugandan families with flocks of special, hybrid chickens that will guarantee the families better nutrition and a sustainable source of income.

Congratulations to Dr. Jagdev Sharma, & Dr. Sylvia Lemus Sharma.

Learn More here.

Avian Health Online™
is a specialist and interactive online course for veterinarians working in the general poultry industry worldwide.

Presented by
University of Melbourne
and the
Poultry Disease Research Center, UGA, USA

Avian Pathology Continuing Education Materials Available On-Line

A collection of over 600 virtual slides of avian histopathology cases with a reduced rate for AAAP Members

Provided by
Dr. Oscar Fletcher

Available through the Continuing Education office in the College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State

FAQ on Tumor virus Diseases

Prepared by AAAP Tumor Virus Committee 2012
Posted 1/22/2013

Commentary from CAST available: The Direct Relationship between Animal Health and Food Safety Outcomes

Interview with
Dr. Julius Fabricant
One of AAAP's founding members


Keep our Food Safe

Frequently Asked Questions about Antimicrobial Use and Antimcrobial Resistance

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AAAP Foundation                                                       since 1988

Fred Hoerr, President                                                                              12627 San Jose Blvd., Suite 202
Chuck Hofacre, Secretary Treasurer                                                             Jacksonville, FL 32223-8638
Bob Bevans-Kerr, Executive Director                                                                                    904.425.5735

Mission Statement

The mission of the AAAP Foundation Board is to administer charitable donations to the AAAP and to advise the AAAP Board regarding qualified charitable expenditures.


  1. To secure the AAAP Board's approval for the actions of the Foundation Board.
  2. To conduct the annual meeting of the AAAP Charitable Foundation, Incorporated.
  3. To communicate the actions of the AAAP Foundation to the AAAP Board and to the AAAP membership.
  4. To facilitate efforts to encourage charitable giving to qualified AAAP programs such as scholarships, preceptorships, award endowments, scientific publications and scientific meeting support.
  5. To administer fund raising for special projects that qualify as charitable functions such as hosting international scientific meetings or aiding in funding of archival efforts.
  6. To evaluate proposed new charitable functions and advise the AAAP Board of the results of said evaluation.

2012 Poultry Scholarship Winners

Hannah Atkins                                                                                                   Texas A&M University CVM
Megan Lighty                                                                                            Virginia-Maryland Regional CVM
Jessica Walters                                                                                         Virginia-Maryland Regional CVM
Dan Wilson                                                                                                              Purdue University SVM
Sarah Tilley                                                                                        North Carolina State University CVM 
George Ethan Kilkrease                                                                       Auburn University, Poultry Science 
Michelle Janik                                                                              Oregon State University, Animal Science 
Laura Tensa                                                                                Oregon State University, Animal Science
Lucas Nickel                                                    University of Alberta, Animal Health with Food Animal Major
Sarah Reichelt                                             North Carolina State University, Poultry Science and Zoology

2013 Poultry Scholarship Winners 

Elizabeth Beilke                                                                                                        University of Nebraska
Jessica Walter                                                                                                                         Virginia Tech
Megan Lighty                                                                                                                          Virginia Tech
Laura Tensa                                                                                                          Oregan State University
Rachael Redman                                                                                      Western Univ. of Health Science
Nick Hasnawi                                                                                                     Mississippi State University
Lucas Nickel                                                                                                                 University of Alberta

2012 Kenneth Eskelund Preceptorship Scholarship Winners

Charlotte Sanford-Crane                                                                                                         Cornell 2013
Elizabeth Dale                                                                                                                             UGA 2013
Kathleen Beecher                                                                                                        Saskatchewan 2013 Stephan Gibson                                                                                                             Kansas State 2012
T.J. Gaydos                                                                                                               Ohio State Univ. 2013

2013 Kenneth Eskelund Preceptorship Scholarship Winners

Chelsea Anderson                                                                                                           Cornell University
Joshua Heise                                                                                                         University of Wisconson
Judith Labounty                                                                                                  Oklahoma State University
Megan Lighty                                                                                                                          Virginia Tech
Nichelle Peck                                                                                                 Univ. of Prince Edward Island
Samantha Pohl                                                                                                          Texas A&M University

 Scholarship Criteria

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