Aly M. Fadly
AAAP Hall of Honor

Aly was born in Cairo, Egypt. He earned his degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in 1964 from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cairo University. In 1970, he started his graduate studies at Purdue University under the guidance of Professor Rolland Winterfield. Aly earned his MS in 1973 and PhD in 1975. Aly became a Diplomat of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians in 1994.
In 1975, Aly became an Assistant Professor of Poultry Diseases at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Purdue University. In 1976, he joined the USDA-ARS Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory (ADOL), formerly known as the Regional Poultry Research Laboratory, in East Lansing, Michigan. In 1998, Aly became the Research Leader and Laboratory Director of the ADOL.
During his 39 year tenure at the ADOL and until his retirement in 2015, Aly’s research focused on the diagnosis, immunopathogenesis, and control of avian leukosis and reticuloendotheliosis. Aly authored and co-authored 140 peer reviewed articles and 22 book chapters. He is the joint owner of 2 patents.
Aly received numerous awards for his significant contributions to the field of avian retrovirus induced diseases, including 2 Best Paper Awards in Avian Diseases, the Upjohn Achievement Award for Distinguished Contributions to Avian Medicine, and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation Excellence in Poultry Research Award. Aly was elected to the 2015 World Veterinary Poultry Association’s Hall of Honor. He served as an Expert Consultant for the UN IAEA, FAO, USAID, and OIE. He also served as an Associate Editor for the11th and12th Editions of the Diseases of Poultry textbook.
Aly is married to his wife Randa. He has 4 children: Sherief (Law Enforcement Officer), Angie (Attorney), Suzanne (Clinical Pharmacist), and Adam (Attorney). Aly has 7 grandchildren. In retirement, he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, swimming, walking, watching movies, and traveling.