History of Avian Medicine 

This history section of our site contains information on the founding and growth of the American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) as well as biographical sketches of individuals that have significantly contributed to its development and continuation. It contains historical articles tributes published in Avian Diseases and other articles relevant to the history of avian medicine. In addition, the site contains biographical information about individuals that significantly contributed to the AAAP and/or avian health, tributes published in Avian Diseases, and obituaries. Information is also provided about our Archive collection.

The AAAP has been an organized group since 1957. It was launched as a national organization for veterinary practitioners, diagnosticians, researchers, and students interested in poultry health and medicine. With annual meetings involving both national and international members, interested individuals come together to discuss poultry diseases and further advance the field of poultry medicine. In 2007 celebrating 50 years, AAAP published “AAAP- The First 50 Years 1957-2007” prepared by the AAAP History Committee and edited by John Dunn. In 2017, the AAAP published a sequel “Celebrating Sixty Years 1957-2017” also edited by John Dunn. The two books contain some of the articles you will find in the section on the History of AAAP including an article by Dick Witter on the origins and evolution of the AAAP.

A historical manuscript series was established by the AAAP in the 1970s and the AAAP continues to solicit manuscripts that document the early history of important poultry diseases or of institutions important to the field of avian medicine. To continue this work in documenting history, the Historical Articles project has continued to develop topics for development into historical articles for publishing in Avian Diseases.

Energetic, interested people have been the driving force behind the successful formation and growth of the AAAP. In order to chronicle the memories of those individuals that significantly contributed to AAAP and avian medicine, a Biography Project was established in 1996. The biography project is a compilation of facts and the biographer's own thoughts about their careers, for some it is an opportunity to set the record straight and for others an opportunity to credit those who helped them along the way. If an individual is deceased, colleagues may contribute a biography on their behalf. It is hoped that these biographies will serve as an important source of inspiration for current and future generations of AAAP members in their own endeavors.

Over the years, a series of Tributes have been written about AAAP members who have made outstanding contributions to the field of avian medicine. These tributes have been published in the journal Avian Diseases.

In 2022, the section Obituaries has been added to the website. To submit an obituary to the History Committee follow the guidelines in Obituaries.

Once biographical materials are collected, they are deposited in the AAAP's archives at Iowa State University. Any member of the AAAP can submit original documents to the archives and the Archives page provides information on how and where to submit materials, or how to access materials in the AAAP archives.