P.P. Levine Award
Award Information


The P.P. Levine Award is awarded each year to the best paper published in Avian Diseases the previous year.

Qualification Criteria:

All papers in the appropriate volume of Avian Diseases are considered.  The senior author of the winning paper receives the award.  The author does not have to be an AAAP member, does not need to be someone in the United States, and can be a graduate student.  The institution that the author represents will be recognized in Avian Diseases along with the other authors.

The Awards Committee follows a two step process:

Each of the Committee Members will nominate five papers that s/he considers worthy of consideration for the award.  Four suggested criteria for assessing the papers include:

  1. Clear statement of objectives
  2. Originality of approach
  3. Clarity of presentation of data
  4. Impact of results on science

The Awards Committee Chair receives each Committee Members’ selections and identifies those papers receiving more than one nomination.  The Chair notifies the Committee of these papers as being eligible for further consideration.  The Editor of Avian Diseases submits to the committee a summary of any comments he or she received from peer reviewers during the publication of these papers that could bear on the evaluation of the papers within the four suggested assessment criteria for this award.  Each Committee member then submits to the Chair a numerical ranking of these papers, from most (#1) to least (#N) deserving of the award.

Using the rankings submitted by the Committee Members, the Chair will tabulate a score for each paper and identify the paper with the lowest numerical score as the winner of the Levine Award.  In the case of a tie, the Editor of Avian Diseases, serving as an Ad Hoc Awards Committee member will determine the winner.

The Awards Committee, AAAP Secretary, AAAP President, and the Editor of Avian Diseases are notified of the winner, with the results remaining confidential until the award is given at the annual banquet.

Previous recipients of this award are:

1964 Walter Hughes
1965 Harry Yoder
1966 Bruce Calnek
1967 Richard Witter
1968 W. B. Gross
1969 C. Burke
1970 R. W. Winterfield
1971 W. Okazaki
1972 N. Adams
1973 Kenneth Heddleston
1974 Aly Fadly
1975 Thomas Jeffers
1976 Craig Riddell
1977 Byung-Ryul Cho
1978 F. Al-Shikhly
1979 S. Hopkins
1980 Donald Simmons
1981 Richard Witter
1982 Thomas Toth
1983 Bruce Calnek
1984 Craig Riddell
1985 L. Crittenden
1986 Aly Fadly
1987 Kenneth Theil
1988 Richard Witter
1989 Max Brugh Jr.
1990 Bruce Calnek
1991 Virginia Hinshaw
1992 Richard L. Witter
1993 Robin Morgan
1994 Larry Bacon
1995 Kristi Moore
1996 Margie D. Lee
1997 Dennis Senne
1998 Richard L. Witter
1999 J. M. Crawford
2000 Kenneth Roland
2001 W. A. Nix
2002 Irit Davidson
2003 Keith W. Jarosinski
2004 D. R. Kapczynski
2005 Jon T. Prigge
2006 Hyun Lillehoj
2007 Angela Romer
2008 James S. Guy
2009 F.W. van Ginkel
2010 Daniel Petkov
2011 Robert F. Silva
2012 Daral J. Jackwood
2013 Darrell Kapczynski
2014 Daral J. Jackwood
2015 Haroldo Toro
2016 Isabel Gimeno
2017 Isabel Gimeno
2018 Mohamed El-Gazzar
2019 Gustavo H. Schneiders
2020 John R. Dunn
2021 Farjana Saiada
2022 Zubair Khalid
2023 Holly Sellers
2024 John Dunn