Animal Welfare and Management Committee

Animal Welfare and Management Annual Committee Meeting:
Wednesday, July 10, 4:15PM
Grand Ballroom C, St. Louis Union Station Hotel

Mission Statement

Animal Welfare and Management Committee Mission: To research, evaluate and provide critical information to the AAAP Board of Directors and the membership on poultry welfare and management issues that may have a bearing on the AAAP and to be a liaison between the AAAP membership and the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee.


  1. Collect and provide information on the role of the veterinarian in the responsible handling of poultry within our industry and research institutions.
  2. Assist in the development of AAAP and AVMA positions on animal welfare issues.
  3. Take a proactive role in advising the AAAP Board and Membership on issues associated with animal welfare.


Core committee representatives shall consist of a member of the following industries:

  • Layer
  • Broiler
  • Breeder
  • Egg Production
  • Turkey

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Approved Poultry Welfare Terms from July 2008 Welfare Committee meeting

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Auditing for Wing Trauma

Cervical Dislocation Guide

Emergency Mass Depopulation Guide

Gait Scoring Video (2009)

Avian Influenza Resources 

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