AAAP Foundation Guild Members

The AAAP Foundation Guild Program recognizes members who make valuable contributions to the Scholarship, Award, and Preceptorship Funds. Membership into the AAAP Foundation Guild is earned through cumulative donations to the AAAP Foundation.  Donations can be made in small increments and are counted over the lifetime of the donor.  Since its inception in 2018, over 80 AAAP members have joined the ranks of the Foundation Guilds, by making donations at the following levels: 

Donor Guild- $1000
Gold Feather Guild- $5000
Platinum guild- $10,000
Diamond guild- $20,000 
A great way to support the AAAP Foundation is to donate to one of our scholarship or preceptorship awards. AAAP named scholarships are given in perpetuity and honor past members of the AAAP and the poultry industry, while preceptorships provide funding to allow students to gain practical experiences within the poultry industry. Becoming a member of a AAAP Guild signifies a long term commitment to supporting the future of poultry medicine. 
Donations can be made via check or credit card by contacting the AAAP office, or online. Donations are automatically credited towards your Guild status by the AAAP office and there is no time limit on achieving cumulative donation levels.   

Diamond Guild
AAAP Foundation Diamond Guild members have given $20,000 or more to the Foundation.

Calvin Anthony
William B. Chase

Robert Edson
Y.M. Saif 
Kenneth Opengart

Fred Hoerr
Kate Barger-Weathers

 Platinum Guild

AAAP Foundation Platinum Guild members have given $10,000 to $19,999 to the Foundation. 

Roy Curtiss III
Susan Trock

John Glisson
Stanley Kleven
Joan Schrader

Bruce Stewart-Brown
Andrea Zedek

 Gold Feather Guild
AAAP Foundation Gold Feather Guild members have given $5,000 or more to the Foundation.

Bernie Beckman
Bruce Calnek
Hector Cervantes
Richard Chin
Randy Chick
Dan Domingo
John Donahoe
Suzanne Dougherty

Oscar Fletcher
Eric Gingerich
M.A. Hammarlund 
Charles Hofacre 
Eric Jensen 
Tami Kelly 
Michelle Kromm
Rafael Monleon 

Robert Porter 
Stewart Ritchie
Charles Steven Roney 
Gregorio Rosales 
John Smith
Susan Williams 
Peter Woolcock 

Donor Guild
AAAP Foundation Donor Guild members have given $1,000 to $4,999 to the Foundation.

Matilde Alfonso
H. John Barnes
Elena Behnke
Arthur Bickford
Mark Bland
Victoria Bowes
Charles Broussard
Max Brugh
Thomas Bryan
Thomas Campi
Donna Carver
Hector Cervantes
Rocio Crespo
Gregg Cutler
Elizabeth Dale
John Demler
Kurt Dobson
John Dunn
Patricia Dunn
Manolo Fernandez
David Frame
David French
Richard Fulton
Galestan Y. Ghazikhanian
Scott Gillingham
Eric Gonder

Karen Grogan
David Halvorson
Ruediger Hauck
Sharon Heins Miller
Julie Helm
David Hermes
Donna Hill
Keith Honegger
Thomas Inglis
Daral Jackwood
Mark Jackwood
Dan Karunakaran
Calvin Keeler
Barry Kelly
Julie Kelly
Hailu Kinde
Elizabeth Krushinskie
David Ley
Chad Malinak
Martha Maznevski
John Mccarty
Carolyn Miller
Egbert Mundt
Thomas Myers
Claudia Osorio
Mary Pantin-Jackwood
Frank William Pierson

Robert Porter
Peter Poss
William Ricken
David Rives
Kristen Roza-Sutherland
Ian Rubinoff
Karel (Ton) Schat
Travis Schaal
John Schleifer
Gabriel Senties-Cue
Holly Sellers
Simon Shane
David Shapiro
H.L. Shivaprasad
J. Lloyd Spencer
Sara Steinlage
David Swayne
Francene van Sambeek
Patricia Wakenell
Donald Waldrip
Ching-ho Wang
Lloyd Weber
Gordan Whitbeck
William Wigle
Philip Winterfield
Richard Witter
David Zellner

Corporate Giving Guild
AAAP Foundation Corporate Giving Guild members have arranged for ongoing corporate donations to the Foundation.

Mark Bland
Fred Hoerr
Eric Jensen

Sara Steinlage
Benjamin Johnson
Samuel Christenberry

Julie Kelly
David Smith
Claudia Osorio