Committee Review Committee

Committee Charge

The Committee Review Committee meets with the majority of the AAAP committee Chairs at least once yearly to

1) Support the work of the committee; 2) Communicate pertinent information to committees about AAAP activities, policies, procedures, and events; 3) Assess the health of the committee and offer solutions to problems; 4) Annually select the Top Performing Committee

Committee Composition

The committee is composed of a Past President as Chair, AAAP President, AAAP President Elect, AAAP Executive Vice President and the Director of Member Services.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Currently, 17 AAAP committees are reviewed yearly, the Research Priorities Committee, Toxic, Infectious, Miscellaneous & Emerging Diseases Committee, Enteric Diseases Committee, Epidemiology Committee, Membership Committee, Small Flocks Committee, Diseases of Public Health Significance, Food Safety Committee, Drugs and Antimicrobials Committee, Education Committee, History of Avian Diseases Committee, LAC Committee, Animal Welfare Committee, Respiratory Diseases Committee, Tumor Virus Committee, the AAAP Women's Network and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The committees not included in the review have very specific, time limited tasks that do not lend to the same review process. Committees not reviewed by the CRC committee are the Nominating Committee, Auditing Committee, Resolutions Committee, Bylaws Review Committee, Program Advisory Committee and Sponsorship Committee.

The Committee Review Committee determines a short agenda that will be used for each meeting including time for discussion. Each meeting lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes. The AAAP office sends out meeting invitations in March to set up the virtual meetings. The virtual meetings are held the month of April. After all the meetings have been completed, the Committee Review Committee meets to discuss the calls, determining if any committee needs additional help. The group also selects the committee to receive the “Top Performing Committee” award. The winning committee is recognized at the Annual Business Meeting and their name is added to a perpetual plaque. The committee is also recognized in the fall newsletter and elsewhere as opportunities exist.

If the review group determines that a committee needs assistance, the Committee Review Committee may meet again to determine a process to assist the committee. The Committee Review Committee can also recommend to the AAAP President and the Board of Directors that the committee be reorganized, refocused, combined or inactivated after review and discussion with the committee.