AAAP is a Constituent Allied Veterinary organization of the AVMA 

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Obligation to Maintain Status:  
Constituent Allied Veterinary Organizations must continue to meet the requirements set forth in Article VII, Section 4(a) to maintain their status as a Constituent Allied Veterinary Organization and retain its right to representation in the House of Delegates. If the organization is unable to maintain such requirements as of July 1 of each year, the Executive Vice President, or his or her designee, shall notify the organization that it has one year from the end of the summer session of the House of Delegates to meet the eligibility requirements to maintain status described in this section. If the organization does not demonstrate compliance to maintain status by the beginning of the following summer session, it will lose its representation in the House of Delegates. With respect to the requirement regarding voting members of the AVMA set forth in Article VII, Section 4(a)(6), the following requirements shall apply for purposes of maintaining status in the House of Delegates:

  1. Its U.S.-resident voting membership must include at least three hundred (300) voting members of the Association, and, in each calendar year, the percentage of its U.S.- resident veterinarians who are voting members of the Association must exceed the percentage of U.S.- resident veterinarians who are voting members of the Association at the end of the calendar year two years previous, as determined by the Association, with the provision that this percentage will not exceed 85%; or
  2. At least three hundred and fifty (350) of its U.S.- resident voting members must be voting members of the Association.

House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is composed of AVMA members from 70 state, territorial, and allied veterinary medical groups. Association policies are set by the House of Delegates, made up of one delegate and one alternate delegate from each organization represented. The House of Delegates convenes each summer at the AVMA Annual Convention and each winter at the Veterinary Leadership Conference.  The AAAP Representatives are:

  • Katherine Barger Weathers, 2024
  • Karen Grogan, 2024 (alternate)


The AVMA Bylaws call for five standing councils, which serve as advisory bodies to the Board of Directors. The councils anticipate the needs of the profession, address issues in their assigned areas, and recommend appropriate actions to the Board of Directors.

Council members must be nominated by one of the 70 organizations represented in the House of Delegates, or by petition of 10 voting members of the AVMA. They are elected to once-renewable three-year terms by the House of Delegates to represent specific areas of the profession. The councils meet twice a year.

Committees, Panels, and Trusts

Separate from the councils, the Board of Directors may designate special committees to consider matters of interest to the Association. Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors or by other organizations that are represented. In most cases, the committees, task forces, and trusts report to the Board of Directors or to councils. Unless otherwise indicated, these entities meet twice a year, usually in the spring and fall.

The AVMA Board of Directors also uses task forces to address specific, single issues and to give members a chance to serve in leadership positions. These entities differ from councils and committees in that they are temporary in nature and are established to address a specific issue, present a report and/or recommendations to the Board of Directors, and then sunset.

AAAP is proud to have its members working as volunteer leads in several AVMA committees, panels, and trusts. You can read more about each committee, panel, and trust by clicking the name of the group below.  Next to the group name is the AAAP member nominated to serve as a liaison between AAAP and the AMVA.