AAAP Outreach Committee

Mission Statement

To foster relationships with external organizations and groups that communicate directly with the public.  AAAP’s strategy is to be a resource for allied groups who have the resources to deal directly with the public.  AAAP also needs to understand the issues and needs of the allied groups in order to support their work. The committee is made up largely of AAAP members who are actively involved in one of our allied organizations. They will act as a liaison—communicating AAAP issues to the organization and in turn, the organization’s issues to AAAP. 

Committee Charge

  1. Outreach Committee members will be the AAAP liaisons to allied group organizations and communicate the organization’s positions and activities with the public and their constituents to the Outreach Committee and AAAP BOD through the AAAP BOD Outreach Committee liaison.
  2. Outreach Committee members will serve on allied group committees as representatives of AAAP, with the purpose of conveying AAAP’s positions and interests as the leading organization on poultry health, welfare and food safety.
  3. Outreach Committee members will communicate AAAP positions including but not limited to; white papers, position papers, and research priorities lists.
  4. The Outreach Committee is responsible for the production and distribution of a minimum of one vehicle per year that will be used for AAAP messaging to external organizations with AAAP BOD approval.  The committee can apply for funds for professional services.  Budget requests should go to the BOD by January 10.  

Outreach Committee Members Page
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