Historical Articles

What is a historical article and how does it differ from a review?

A historical manuscript is not a typical review. It covers older information, usually from the beginning to a convenient point about 20 years prior to the date of writing. In addition to providing a chronicle of the significant scientific accomplishments, it gives prominence to the persons and circumstances involved in important events and anecdotes that reveal insight to the personalities of key persons. It typically provides as many dates and places as possible, to increase its value to historians. It may provide linkages to other contemporary events of the day, when appropriate. It does not contain abundant citations, but good review articles in the field can be identified.

The principal questions to be addressed are what events were significant (identify when and where) and what forces shaped the course of these events. What people were involved and how did they contribute. The finished product ideally is easy to read and interesting to a broad audience.

Historical articles published in Avian Diseases

How can I suggest a topic for an historical article?

Topics can be sent to: 

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