Educational Opportunities


L. Dwight Schwartz Travel Scholarship

Kenneth H. Eskelund Preceptorship Program

Senior Veterinary Student Externships Approved by the Kenneth Eskelund Preceptorship Committee
Preceptorship Companies

Residency Opportunity - For more information, contact Dr. Michael Martin [email protected] or visit the website
Poultry Health Management Residency at NCSU

Residency Programs

Arkansas - University of Arkansas
Dr. F. Dustan Clark, [email protected]

California - California Animal Health and Food Safety, Fresno
Dr. Richard Chin, [email protected]

California - California Animal Health and Food Safety,Turlock
Dr. Bruce Charlton, [email protected]

California - University of California, Davis
Dr. Carol Cardona, [email protected]

Georgia - University of Georgia
Dr. Steve Collett, [email protected]

Mississippi - Mississippi State University
Dr. Timothy S. Cummings, [email protected]
Dr. Danny Magee, [email protected]

North Carolina - NC State University
Dr. David H. Ley, [email protected]
Poultry Health Management Residency/Master of Specialized Veterinary Medicine

Ohio - The Ohio State University
Dr. Jean Sander, [email protected]

Pennsylvania - The University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Sherrill Davison, [email protected]

University of Melbourne - Avian Health Online Programs
Dr. Trevor Bagust, [email protected]

Virginia and Maryland - Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
Shannon V. O'Donnell, [email protected]