Student Chapters

AAAP Advisor: Dr. Eric Shepherd

The UGA (SwAP) currently has 62 members in their chapter. The mission of SwAP: Food Animal Club is to expose veterinary students to more aspects of food animal veterinary medicine by enhancing knowledge in the realm of aquaculture, poultry sciences, and swine production. They plan to do this thru the following objectives:

  • To provide veterinary students with exposure to non-traditional veterinary species (Poultry, Swine and Aquaculture)
  • To familiarize veterinary students with production and management of these species, so that they have a working knowledge of these industries.
  • To implement an ideal of sustainability and agriculture in veterinary students

Cornell University Student Chapter
AAAP Advisor: Dr. Jarra Jagne

The Cornell Poultry Club aims to advance the theoretical and practical knowledge of its members in both production and backyard poultry medicine. Lectures, wet labs, and field trips will be arranged in order for veterinary students to learn as much as possible about poultry medicine and its potentially diverse applications.

NC State University Student Chapter
AAAP Advisor: Dr. Rocio Crespo

The NC State University Student Chapter currently has 16 members. The NC State University Student Chapter is a great organization that helps veterinary students interested in poultry medicine obtain additional information and hands-on experience in the field. They try to plan wet labs, farm visits, and dinner meetings to help students meet professors and local poultry veterinarians in the area to discuss possible career paths and job opportunities in the field. 

Pictured from Left to Right:
An NC State University Club Officer holding a laying hen at a farm visit, Emu eggs in an incubator at a local NC farm students could visit over the summer, and President, Katie Venters, in the Teaching Animal Unit Poultry House on campus.

Western University (WesternU Peeps)
AAAP Advisor: Dr. Teresa Morishita

The WesternU Peeps currently has 30 members in their student chapter. The WesternU Peeps are a small and new chapter hoping to educate those interested in Avian Medicine by holding wet labs and lunch talks. They feel Avian Medicine is rarely talked about in many veterinary school curriculums and hope to provide some more info outside of what they are already learning. They hope to network more with people in the industry and show students what this field has to offer.



Double Header Event for the WesternU Peeps:
Avian/Poultry Diseases with Talk Dr. Miguel D. Saggase &
Guided Necropsy Wet-Lab with Dr. Suzana Tkalcic and Dr. Teresa Morishita


Iowa State University Student Chapter (SCAAAP)
AAAP Advisor: Dr. Yuko Sato

As an official Student Chapter of the American Association of Avian Pathologists SCAAAP strives to provide its members with the most current information regarding avian medicine, avian species, and the American Association of Avian Pathologists. We provide our members with learning opportunities that focus on all aspects of avian medicine such as: egg breakout wet-labs, chicken necropsy wet-labs, and lunch & dinner lectures from leading veterinary experts in several fields of avian medicine.

As a chapter we are determined to expose our members to as many facets of this area of veterinary medicine as possible so that they may discover their particular niche, which will insure success. Our members’ interests vary from broilers to layers, turkeys to ducks, pheasants to wildlife, and just about everything in between. This wide variety of interests fosters an exceptional learning environment and facilitates an expansion of knowledge for our members. They currently have 9 members.


MU CVM Avian Club

AAAP Advisor: Dr. Daniel Shaw

The MU CVM Avian Club, officially known as the MU Student Chapter of the American Association of Avian Pathologists, provides students with opportunities to strengthen their veterinary knowledge regarding poultry, pet bird, and wild bird medicine. Expected lectures include those from poultry producers, exotic animal veterinarians, and wildlife organizations. Potential wet labs include avian handling, candling eggs, and tours of zoos and poultry production facilities. They currently have 10 to 15 members.


Midwestern University Student Chapter (SCAAAP)
AAAP Advisor: Dr. Jason Struthers

The Midwestern University Student Chapter (SCAAAP) currently has 12 members in their chapter.

University of Minnesota Student Chapter of AAAP
AAAP Advisor: Dr. Robert Porter